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CNA Nursing Jobs

Nursing is becoming more and more desirable for those who are looking for paid employment. CNA nursing jobs are on the rise and growing at an alarming rate. Note what Darrell Smith has to say concerning this:

CNA Nursing Jobs

cna nursing jobs

CNA nursing jobs

The health-care industry has been an employment bright spot in Sacramento and across the country as demand grows to care for a graying population.

But newly minted nursing graduates are having trouble squaring that good news with their difficulties in finding work, said Anne McNamara.

McNamara, dean of Grand Canyon University’s College of Nursing in Phoenix, and a registered nurse, was a keynote speaker at the California Nurse Leaders conference in Sacramento in September and talked recently with Job Front.

The answer, McNamara said, could be more classroom time.

Nursing graduates coming out of an associate’s degree program are struggling in the job market, she said.

“The difference is employers are are seeking nurses with a B.A.,” she said.

That means a bigger investment of time and money, but it is also a chance for nursing students to think more strategically about the health care market and their place in it.

The nursing students working their way through college may have no health care- related job while at school, McNamara said, but, by their senior year, they should be connected to a health care system.

“They should be very assertive. Look at the movement toward long-term care and assisted living,” McNamara said. “I tell graduates, ‘Your first job may not be saving lives in the emergency room.’ ”

It may be working in schools with their focus on combating childhood obesity.

“There’s a huge role for nurses in schools. They see the importance of keeping children well,” McNamara said. “I’m very optimistic.”

McNamara said job-seeking nurses should not overlook volunteer opportunities.

Employers “are looking at where you volunteer. They’re looking for a well-rounded person. It speaks volumes to an employer.”

McNamara said there are other reasons to be optimistic. Baby boomer nurses who postponed retirement during the downturn are likely to reconsider in an improving economy.

“As the economy improves — it’s much better in 2012 than it was in 2008 — baby boomers will start moving out of the workforce,” McNamara said.

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