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CNA Nursing Education and Changes

I just read a post on hoe CNA Nursing Education changes are thought of as being necessary. You may agree or disagree but if you are in a nursing career, or thinking about it, changes are going to affect you weather you like them or not.

Please take a few moments to read this article by Patricia Jackson. It will give you another perspective on what changes are necessary:

CNA Nursing Education

cna nursing education

CNA nursing education

I read with interest the Oct. 28 Viewpoint column advocating the continuation of multiple entry-level education requirements for the registered nurse. As an RN who originally obtained an associate of science degree in nursing, and who has since obtained advanced degrees in nursing, I believe that this current practice not only leads to confusion by the general population, but also results in poor preparation for the RN to deal with the increasing complexities, required competence and advanced skills now demanded of the RN.

Current research demonstrates that safety of the patient is directly impacted by the educational level of the RN. Nurses may be able to earn a degree in two years, but at what cost? If you or your loved one find yourselves requiring nursing care, you must and should demand that the care be provided by a nurse who is well prepared to deal with the increasingly demanding and complex care needs in the health care environment. Nurses prepared with an associate of science degree in nursing are hard pressed to graduate in two years and be prepared to safely and effectively step into the role of the RN. Completion of the bachelor of science in nursing degree provides for increased clinical experience, development of critical thinking, problem-solving skills, knowledge of the basic sciences, behavioral, social and management sciences. Included with this is the development of the essential skills and abilities to analyze and communicate effectively, resulting in the solid foundation necessary to safely care for the patient in the rapidly changing health care environment. Nurses with less than a BSN are finding that they are undereducated and struggling to meet the increasingly complex care demands of their patients.

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You may have a differing opinion about these types of changes. For example safety of the patient being directly impacted by the amount of education the practicing nurse has. What re your thoughts about CNA Nursing Education and the changes that need to be implemented. Leave us a comment below.

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