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Taking a Deep Look into the CNA Job

Our job as a CNA is physically and emotionally demanding. Most of the time we’ve been loaded with work more than what we can handle. The job that seems to be regular in the eyes of many people is the job that brings smiles to the needy; the person that they left behind in order for them to go on with their life. I am proud to say that what we do is more than what they can see. Giving assistance to the older people and irate patients is not as easy as it seems because you are going to give up if you doesn’t have the heart for it. Aside from skills and knowledge, you had to have a passion and love for people to perform well in this job.

Below is a video that shows how precious is the role of a certified nurse assistant.

For more of the certified nursing assistant skills training video and update, read my previous post. Also, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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