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Steps To Become A CNA

NURSE ASSISTANTCompassionate, responsible and interested in the healthcare field? Consider a profession as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Becoming a CNA can be a very lucrative and fulfilling career move. The demand for well – trained, caring and professional nursing assistants has increased rapidly over the years with the increasing number of nursing facilities and also the advancements in healthcare. Several training choices are available to receive certification and pursue a career as a CNA.

Begin your journey to certification by contacting your state’s Department of Health, Board of Nursing or Nurse Aide Registry. Each state has its own regulations and requirements for certification. Furthermore, make sure you find out the type of certification offered in the state you plan to work in. Instead of certification, their nursing assistants are licensed by some states. They are known as LNAs instead of CNAs. While in particular states for example Maryland nursing assistants working with the elderly are certified as Geriatric Nursing Assistants others states also have different amounts of certification, CNA I, CNA II, LNA I and LNA II.

Your state’s Department of Health or Board of Nursing should offer a listing of authorized training programs that can lead to certification. Training programs are available through many different sources. Nursing facilities, for example nursing homes, assisted living facilities and rehabilitation centers will sometimes offer training for prospective employees and as an incentive, they offer paid training or guaranteed employment after training and upon certification. Vocational schools and community colleges will often offer a training course or an introductory course in nursing which qualifies the student for certification. Another alternative is a course taken through The Red Cross. Along with approved programs for nursing assistant training, they also offer CPR courses that are typically needed for jobs in health care. Independent medical training services also provide many different medical programs including training for nursing assistants, medical assistants and medicine technicians. Contingent upon the company offering classes, scholarships and financial aide are available. Many of these options take about 4 to 10 weeks to finish training.

Once training is complete, one more step is necessary for certification. A test is administered to discover preparedness and knowledge for a career as a CNA. Normally, the test consists of at least two parts. The first is a written exam and the second is a practical demonstration of a physical skill performed by CNAs, for example taking a pulse, making a bed, or feeding someone. Upon passing the test, your name is added to the Nurse Aide Registry in your state and you get a document stating that you completed your training and are now certified to act as a nursing assistant.

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