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Online LPN To RN Programs Are Popular

Online LPN To RN ProgramsOnline LPN To RN Programs

Becoming an RN can be quite different from achieving the status of an LPN. Fortunately for those who want to move to a higher level, online LPN to RN programs fill in the educational gap that exists between the two degrees. The courses provide teaching and instruction in subjects such as nursing science, nursing theory, nursing pharmacology, patient care methods and professional nursing practices. Nursing students also need to complete courses in general education, such as mathematics, sociology and communication in order to earn an associate’s degree.

Bridge programs are available through many schools. LPNs become RNs through a combination of credits granted for their prior experience and the new courses they complete. The more skills, observation and experience you develop and the more training you have as an LPN, the easier it is for you to become an RN. To become an LPN, usually only one year of training is necessary before being admitted to the NCLEX-LPN exam to become licensed. RNs, by comparison, must complete a bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree nursing program before becoming licensed and practicing as RNs. When a licensed LPN completes an online or on-site bridge program, he or she can qualify for an ASN—Associate of Science in Nursing. They will then have the necessary credentials to take the NCLEX-RN exam and reach RN status.

Questions About LPN to RN Programs

What is an LPN to RN program?

This program speeds up the LPN’s education to make the transition to registered nurse. The courses are designed to continue with the expertise and knowledge the LPN already has. Once enrolled in an accredited school and having completed a bridge program, he or she may find it easier to find an RN job with higher pay.

What kind of degree programs are offered?

In order to be admitted to online LPN to RN programs, or on-site programs, a prospective student must have a current LPN license. An ADN—Associates Degree in Nursing and a BSN—Bachelor of Science nursing degree are the most popular transitioning degrees to RN. Other options are available to begin a nursing career if an individual lacks an LPN degree. Those who are already working in the various health care fields may take courses to increase their education and position themselves for leadership roles in their chosen fields.

Because of the online LPN to RN programs and similar studies, students are no longer limited to traditional campuses. Nurses can continue working in their current jobs while having the flexibility of completing online programs. An added advantage is being able to work at their own pace and at any hour of the day or night. It is no longer necessary for anyone to sacrifice education for a career or the other way around. Many people succeed in obtaining more education during off hours while maintaining their current positions. Online degrees offer the same educational level as traditional schools. The way assignments are completed and the way a student learns are the differences between the two methods. Although the coursework can be entirely completed online, students must complete their clinical hours at a medical facility in person. This hands on experience under supervision by an instructor is a requirement.

What does a registered nurse’s salary average?

Growth in the health care field is always increasing and nursing professionals are in demand. RNs can expect very competitive salaries as a result. Generally, salaries are based on education level, experience, the health care organization and the location. Yearly incomes normally range from approximately $44,000 to $68,000. Individual RNs have recently been known to command salaries of $75,000 a year because they have greater experience and a higher level of expertise or specialization. The Bureau of Labor Statistics offers more detailed information on salaries for nurses. The BLS website shows the variations among the various medical fields, the medical facilities and geographic locations as well.

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