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Online CNA Degree Programs

If you are reading this post then you are no doubt interested in online cna degree programs. You may be interested to know that many more States are offering online Nursing Degree programs. Let  Karin Kapsidelis explain:

Online CNA Degree Programs

Online CNA Degree Programs

Online CNA Degree Programs

Virginia nursing students can earn a bachelor’s degree in three years under a new agreement with a private, nonprofit online university founded by a group of Western governors.

The partnership between the Virginia Community College System and Western Governors University will provide “the least expensive nursing degree in the commonwealth,” state Secretary of Education Laura Fornash said Tuesday.

She estimated the total cost for the degree at $17,000 in tuition and fees.

The guaranteed admission agreement requires students to earn their associate’s degree in nursing from one of the state’s 23 community colleges.

To be accepted into the university program, a student also must be licensed and working as a registered nurse.

The student would then complete nine additional courses online, for a total of 26 credit hours, through Western Governors University to earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

WGU grew out of a bipartisan meeting of the Western Governors Association in 1995 to expand access to higher education through online degree programs. In operation since 1999, the university now enrolls more than 34,000 students from all states.

According to its website, WGU tuition is typically half the cost of other accredited online universities. Virginia’s community colleges charge about one-third the average tuition and fees charged by four-year institutions.

Fornash said the partnership creates “a tremendously affordable pathway to an undergraduate nursing degree.”

Her office estimates the cost at $24,178 for a student attending J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College for two years and then transferring to a four-year institution to complete the degree.

By contrast, a comparable degree for an in-state student attending Virginia Commonwealth University could cost about $40,000, based on current rates of $9,885 in tuition and mandatory fees for the academic year. Nursing students also are charged $50 per credit hour to offset expenses related to instruction, plus $90 per clinical credit hour in lab fees.

VCCS has more than 30 statewide guaranteed admissions agreements with public and private universities, but this is the first agreement created with a goal of keeping the total cost of tuition and fees for a bachelor’s degree to less than $20,000, according to state education officials.

VCCS Chancellor Glenn DuBois said that the WGU agreement could be a blueprint for offering degrees in other high-demand fields, such as information technology, business and other health-related programs.

Fornash said the partnership ties directly to the goals of the 2011 Higher Education Opportunity Act, also called the “Top Jobs” legislation.

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If you are considering any online cna degree programs then check with your local University to see if they offer such courses. These courses can be more flexible than having to go to an actual class and receive the training.

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