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Nurse Training and Education – What Makes a Great Nursing Assistant

If you really love your job, and a true nurse, there is no way that you will not be asking this question to yourself. “What makes a great nursing assistant?” Because everyone wants to be the best of what they are doing. If you are not like that, then there’s a problem with you, and you should fix it.

A question posted by self proclaimed Jessica in the site caught my attention, “what makes a great nursing assistant?”

One comment states that a great nurse assistant is someone who can be trusted to any aspect of the work. Someone you can count on regarding the job.

A noble characteristic of a great certified nurse assistant that I have read from the forum in the one who puts the residents or the patients first before themselves. And you know what, a great worker or whatever we call that, is someone who didn’t treat the job as a job. If you will learn how to treat your job as a part of your life, then you will make things easier for you.




We are not saying that you need to be a hero, but that is a part of your job. To give an extra mile has been always a criteria on how you could be one of the greatest. Whether you are an athlete, an engineer, and of course a nurse. To get to know more the ideas of others on how to become a great nurse assistant or you want to impart your knowledge, I suggest you visit this site.

Now, to make this balance, I believe that the best people we would love to hear a comment are our patients. In this video, you would feel how important your job is. How you make someone happy because of the care you are giving. How you touch their lives.

I believe that the bottom line of being a great nurse assistant is to by treating your job as a way of life and it will solve everything. If you want to know more about the certified nursing assistant skills training, certification and guidance, please continue visiting our site. You can also read my previous post for the different skills training videos.

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