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Nurse Training and Education – Staff Communication and Interaction

To work in a nursing home or a hospital is not an individual task, but rather a team effort. The staffs should communicate with each other to make the work synchronize and avoid the mess. The best way to make the communication effective is to consider the individual differences, understand each other and show respect.

The composition of sentence or the thoughts we are going to say affects the way the other person will interpret it. That is verbal communication and it is 50% of the message you are trying to communicate. For example, you say “clean his room.” It may mean nothing to you but it will sound like you are too bossy. Chances are, you will not be obeyed and will lose respect from your colleagues. Now, what if you said “please clean his room.” There is a big difference. It is gentle and the thought shows respect. But that is only 50% of the thought. The other half is the nonverbal communication. That is how you say those words. Saying those words gently or a person who is really requesting is very different if you sound sarcastic.

To understand this better, below is a training video presented by the Wisconsin Technical College System about the Staff Communication and Interaction.

A certified nurse assistant must know how to communicate properly and maintain the level of professionalism at all times. Everyone in the hospital might be very good at their work but if communication fails, then you will only pull each other down.


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