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How to be a Certified Nurse Assistant in South Dakota

Nurse Assistant 06CNA Training in South Dakota

There are different types of institution in South Dakota that could give you training to be a Certified Nursing Assistant. If you want to have an immediate employment after training, then the nursing home is the better option for you. They employ the most of the CNAs and they hire the most dependable and hard-working students. You just need to have a nose for their posting so you could have an early admission as they offer very limited seats available for CNA aspirants.

Vocational schools and universities are another good option for taking the nurse aide program. The largest humanitarian group American Red Cross also offers a very good CNA Training and is very affordable.


To be admitted in the nurse aide program in South Dakota, you should be sixteen years of age. Better yet, there is no educational requirement for this as long as you could understand and read and have good manners with no criminal records. The students will undergo more than 100 hours of clinical instruction and hands-on experience such as; 75 hours of clinical instruction, 16 hours of hand-on experience, and 16 hour pre hands-on classroom instruction.

Being Certified

After successful completion of the training program, one must take the state competency evaluation to be a certified nurse assistant. It must be completed in two years after the training with only three attempts. The test is divided into two sections, the written or oral test and the practical assessment. You should be familiar with every aspect of your job and make the examiner believe that you can do the job properly by performing the job at ease and based with the PA state standard procedure.

Your name will be included in the South Dakota Nurse Aide Registry after being certified and you can check it online. Being a state certified CNA gives you a lot of employment advantages. The certification is only valid for two years. The nurse aides should attend another twelve hours of training for upgrade every two years for renewal.

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