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Free CNA Training Class – How to Get One

Free CNA Training ClassThe first step to get in the fast growing career of being certified nursing assistant or CNA is to have a formal training. This first step is usually the hardest for some financially struggling aspirants, lets admit it. The cost of a CNA training program varies from state to state and usually have a price range of eight hundred dollars up to two thousand dollars. But, what if you could get a free CNA training class. Sounds good, right? Here are the options that you could do to get a  free training program.

Free CNA Training Class Through Institution’s Financial Aid

There are institutions and training centers that offer financial support to qualified certified nursing assistant aspirants. Once you heard that a school is offering a CNA training, do not be ashamed to inquire as the slot for a chance to have a free CNA training class will be given to someone else if not you.

The American Red Cross Option

This might not be a hundred percent free but this option will help you ease the financial burden of taking the CNA training program. The American Red Cross usually partnered with company foundations in helping to build a better and livable community. Wait for their announcement and we usually give information to our readers about that here at CNA Training. They offer big discounts to qualified applicants.

CNA Training at a Hospital

This option is overlooked by most of us in finding a free CNA training class. Though not all hospitals are giving this kind of program, most of the time it is given free by hospitals who are offering it. It might take a lot of work and research to find one but it is all worth it. Try to call them or visit them personally to inquire. You can also ask them of the possible institution that are giving CNA training if the program is not available to them. Asking your own state’s nursing board is a good option too.

The main advantage in getting training from a hospital is their longer training program compared to colleges and training institutions. While others might look at it the other way around. The longer you have a hands on training, the higher the chance you could pass your state certification. More than that, the free CNA training class from hospitals would give you a higher chance of being employed immediately in exchange of the program.

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