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CNA Training Program Changes in Texas

The world of health care is getting competitive each year and a lot of changes have to be made to make to upgrade the health care program. Part of it is the extension of the training hour program for the nurse aide training. Beginning September 1 this year, the Lampasas County Higher Education Center (LHCEC) will add another 100 hours for the nurse aide training program. Also, the training course fee will somehow be affected as it might increase upto $895. Let us hear from Amy McDaniel from Lampasas County Higher Education Center about the details of the new program.

CNA Training Program Changes in Texas

CNA Training Program Changes in Texas

Lampasas, TX – The Lampasas County Higher Education Center (LCHEC) announced that the requirements and testing for nurse aide training in Texas is changing. As of September 1, nurse aide training programs will increase the number of required hours to 100 and the certification exam will change to reflect new material that students will be required to learn. This will have an impact on the course cost for LCHEC’s nurse aide training which will go up to $895.

LCHEC has scheduled one more nurse aide training program that falls under the old guidelines. This program will start on July 8 and run through August 1. The class will meet Monday through Thursday from 9 am to 3:30 pm. Course cost is $700, which includes tuition, textbook and workbook, background check, and supplies. The certification exam is a separate fee of $93.

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The demand for nurse aide is getting bigger each year and we believe that the move made by the LCHEC is a smart one to maintain the quality of the health care service. Some states have already been updated their course in cna training program prior to Texas and we believe to hear more of them in the days to come.

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