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CNA Training Online Florida

Do you want to get into a medical career and get CNA certified as quickly as possible? This post will help you as it contains some valuable information regarding CNA Training Online Florida. But first note what Stan Freeman has to say:

CNA Training Online Florida

CNA Training Online Florida

CNA Training Online Florida

The recession has swelled enrollments in nursing schools, caused hospitals to cut back general hiring of nurses and persuaded many older nurses to delay retirement.

So, while the nursing shortage of recent years may have largely disappeared, and new nursing school graduates are taking significantly longer to find their first jobs, the shortage is likely to return with a vengeance in a few years when the economy recovers and baby boomers reach their Medicare years in greater numbers, say health officials.

“In years past, our medical centers and hospitals were hiring significant numbers of new graduate nurses. But, beginning about 2009, our graduates have been taking longer to find their first position,” says Kathleen B. Scoble, director of the Division of Nursing at Elms College in Chicopee.

“Before, (they) would have their jobs lined up by March before they graduated, sometimes choosing from five different offers. Now, my estimation is that it’s taking our graduates to September for the majority of them to land a position. And my impression is that (many) are accepting positions that are not what they would have wanted a few years ago,” such as in nursing homes rather than in hospitals, she said.

A recent report in the New England Journal of Medicine pronounced the long-standing nursing shortage over – for the time being.

With the recession, older nurses delayed retirement, and nursing schools were sending more graduates into the work force, easing the shortage of nurses, the report stated. But, by 2020, a nursing shortage could make a strong return if the economy improves.

The current abundance of nurses is a “temporary bubble that is likely to deflate during the next several years,” the report concluded.

Joan Hurwitz, director of communications for the American Nurses Association, agrees the nursing shortage “will re-emerge under a ‘perfect storm’ of circumstances, including an improved economy.”

“For example, each year for 25 years, 2 (million) to 3 million baby boomers will age into Medicare, increasing enrollment by 50 percent. (That) will drive demand for nursing services,” she said.

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So it still seems that nursing is in demand and is a good career choice to make. If you want to get CNA Training Online Florida then there are a few resources you can use. We will update you in further posts where you can go. Please leave us a comment below if you liked this post or have any questions.

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