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CNA Training – Get It While in High School

With the expensive college education, let’s accept the sad fact that not all of us could step in the tertiary level education when money is concerned, unless we do something about it. To be a registered doctor or nurse requires a higher level of education that requires lots of money.

Now, the question arises. “How about the not haves?”

The saying, “you will not succeed if you will not help your self whatever assistance you have,” is true, and I can say it from experience. If you want to be a registered doctor or nurse, you have two options. First, get a scholarship. Second, be a certified nursing assistant.

The first option is good, but the second one is better, though a tougher choice because you have to work while studying. But that is the beauty of being a certified nurse assistant. You are hitting two birds with one stone. You get to practice your dream job while still studying. Better if you could get them both. With that, you don’t have to pay for your tuition. Now you are hitting three birds with one stone. Like many of our known doctors and registered nurses says, being a certified nursing assistant is a good first start to be in the medical career.

With this, I would like to say that I really appreciate the program done by the Harper College in giving this early for high school students the advantage of taking the certified nursing assistant skills training. Here is an insert from an article in

Nurse Helping SeniorA total of 18 high-schoolers, 17 from Wheeling High School alone, walked after completing their certified nursing assistant certificate, among the numerous fast-growing dual credit options that Harper offers.

“By the time they graduate high school, they’ve got a better than minimum-wage job available to them,” said Elizabeth Pagenkopf, coordinator of Harper’s CNA program. “If they wanted, they could go out right away and start to work in the health care field.”

Though most didn’t attend the commencement, about 170 high school students, including two 16-year-olds, earned the CNA credential this year. For many, it could be a precursor to future health care studies.

Among the youngsters was junior Kathleen Castrejon, who enrolled in Wheeling’s three-year health sciences career pathway program as a freshman due in part to her longtime interest in human anatomy.

“I have an uncle who’s a doctor in Mexico who inspired me,” she said. “When I started, I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to go into the medical field, but CNA opened my eyes to different opportunities. It confirmed that I want to go into nursing.”

Students learn 21 different skills such as oral care and how to properly and safely transport a patient. They practice on computerized mannequins in a lab setting at Wheeling and then head across the street to Lexington Health Care for their clinicals. At the end, they take the Illinois state competency exam.

Read the whole story here.

For those who have finished high school and wanted to be certified nurse assistant, there are lots of training schools out there who provides affordable training whether in school or online. You can read my previous post and learn ways on how to be a certified nurse assistant.

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