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CNA Training Class website offers information, advice on CNA as a career: Press Release

CNA Training ClassCNA Training Class

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CNA Training Class website offers information, advice on CNA as a career

Train now for a rewarding career in the health industry without having to spend two year in classes.

The job of Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), also known as Unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) jobs are in high demand across the US and in Europe. CNA Training Classes, , reports on the various training program for Certified Nursing Assistants across the country.

“Becoming a CNA takes less time than becoming an LPN and much less time than an RN,” said John Rich, public information director for CNA Training Classes. “At CNA Training, we take a look at various CNA training facilities. They can be a community college, a technical college or a traditional college.”

In addition to covering where to get an education, the website discusses changes to the CNA programs and where to get continuing education credits (CE). CE is necessary for a CNA to maintain his or her certification. The majority of the time the employer will pay for these training classes.

“Some employers even pay for the original certificate,” Mr. Rich said. “If the demand in your area is very strong, you’ll find that in exchange for a year or two of work, at regular pay, places like nursing homes will pay for your education. It’s a win for you. A free education and a guaranteed job.”

The website also examines salaries for CNA. Pay varies widely by region and can even vary a good bit across a metropolitan area, Mr. Rich said. Someone with CNA qualifications should carefully consider job offers from a variety of places, he added.

“There’s more to a job that just pay. You also need to look at the commute, the people already working there and the overall job environment,” he said.

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