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CNA Training Before Being a Nurse

There are lots of questions out there especially from nursing students if they really need to be a cna before pursuing a career in nursing. Technically, you don’t have to. Why would you have to do that if the state government doesn’t ask you to be one. BUT, if you really love your work, and, if you REALLY love being a nurse and wants to be on top of it, I suggest that you should be one. Be a CNA first before pursuing a career in nursing because there are a lot of advantages including: you’ll get to know the work of your subordinates; you will understand how they feel; you will know how to mingle with your patients; you will be a better nurse. Like what any great registered nurses and doctors out there were saying, “being a CNA is a good first start.”

Now, let us listen to Heather, a registered nurse, as she explains why is it important to be a certified nursing assistant first before being a nurse.

As you heard, she is asking herself, why did she do things slower than her subordinates, the cna. Now you know the answer.

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