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CNA Skills Test

If you are looking at becoming a Certified Nurse Assistant then you will need to know about the CNA Skills Test. Yes you will need to pass tests along the way to becoming certified. To pas this test you will need to know basic Nursing Assistant skills. Let Beth Greenwood explain:

CNA Skills Test

CNA Skills Test

CNA Skills Test

A certified nursing assistant, also called a CNA, is an unlicensed health-care worker. Regulations about CNAs differ from state to state, but most CNAs are high school graduates who complete a training program of six to eight weeks that includes didactic instruction, classroom lab work and hands-on training in a long-term health-care facility. The graduate then takes the CNA exam, which includes both written testing and clinical skills performance, and receives a certification as a nursing assistant. CNAs work in long-term and residential care facilities, as well as home health-care centers and hospitals.


Patient safety is a major part of a CNA’s job. She may work with patients who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or confused because of medication. The CNA must learn to use her body safely to protect both the patient and herself from injury; to feed a patient who has swallowing difficulties; and to support an unsteady patient during a transfer from bed to wheelchair. In addition, she should recognize the signs of elder abuse, especially if she works in long-term care or in a patient’s home.

Medical Knowledge

Although the CNA does not need extensive knowledge of medical issues, she does need an understanding of basic anatomy and physiology, as well as the body systems and common diseases. She should be able to recognize an abnormal skin condition, such as a mole that looks as if it might be melanoma, or observe when a patient is abnormally pale. She should also understand the basics of such physiological problems as dehydration or normal functions such as digestion.

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So thats a rough idea of the skills you will need for a CNA Skills Test. But having more knowledge and experience is always helpful, especially if you want to pass with higher grades.

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