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CNA Salary Hourly Wage

Are you wondering what the cna salary hourly wage is? Maybe you are looking at doing a CNA training course and want to know what you may be earning at the end of the course when you finally begin to work. Here is what a few comments on allnurses has to say:

CNA Salary Hourly Wage

CNA Salary Hourly Wage

CNA Salary Hourly Wage

I will be completing my CNA classes through the Red Cross in Louisville and wondered what the average pay was for a new CNA. I would much rather work in a hospital so is the pay different than say in a nursing home?

I’m not very familiar with the pay in the Louisville area; I live in the Lexington area. But, I can give you a little insight from my experience. It really depends on the facility, and after you gain experience it will start to go up. My first job as a CNA was 10 years ago, I worked for a nursing home and was paid 7.50/ hr (then, that was more than min. wage). I only stayed there for a year. The next job was 7 years ago at a more upscale retirement community. With my prior year of experience, I made 10.00/hr. I thought I would rather work in a hospital, so I found a job at a hospital and started @ 9.34/hr. That was in 2006 and with 2 years of experience. I stayed there for four years and left making 11.25/hr. I took a couple years off, and now I am at another hospital making 13.04 based on 6 years combined experience.
So, it took me a while to make as much as I do now. But, it is my understanding that most places today offer around 10-12.00/hr with little to no experience. Again, this is in the Lexington area. Louisville may pay a little more. I know RNs are paid slightly more there.
Hope this helps some.

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If you are looking to do a CNA course then the salary is not too bad. If you want to know an exact CNA Salary Hourly Wage for a particular area it would pay to talk to a local university or even hospital that offer CNA training courses.

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