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CNA Nurses Week

Because of the demanding job of those in the nursing profession, they deserve our support and recognition. CNA nurses weekis all about giving this recognition to those in the nursing industry. Notice what Tom Dalzell has to say:

CNA Nurses Week

CNA Nurses Week

CNA Nurses Week

From health care to energy to government, we tend to think about our world in terms of “systems.” I know I do it — consider the health care “system,” the political “system” the legal “system.”

At least that was my perspective until a few weeks ago when my body’s systems began to shut down as the result of a freak infection that sent me into toxic shock. But lying in a critical care unit watching a nurse inject medicine into your arm helps you see the world in slightly different terms. It wasn’t a system that saved my life — it was a group of highly trained, very motivated and caring people.

The quality of the systems we rely on depends entirely on the people who make them up. Which is why the California Nurses Association, whose members cared for me when my life was on the line, deserve our support as they strike against their employer, Sutter Health. For the nurses who treated me at Alta Bates, a Sutter hospital in Berkeley, this strike is less about what they stand to lose — such as their own health care benefits — and more about the compromises in safety and patient care they are being asked to make.

Despite earning over $3.7 billion in profits since 2005, Sutter has asked for nearly 200 concessions from its workers. When management demands nurses come to work even when they are sick and risk infecting patients, they are putting a life on the line to boost the bottom line. Same goes for management’s resistance to provide sufficient staffing levels so that RNs can take breaks and avoid putting patients in jeopardy by working when they’re exhausted.

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Give your support to CNA Nurses Week. It means alot to those in this profession as they deserve the support. If you are looking at taking up a CNA training course then you are well on your way to a rewarding career. Please leave us a comment below on what your thoughts are about this post.

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