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CNA Nurse Responsibilities – APP Comes To The Rescue

If you are a certified nurse assistant your job description and responsibilities will vary widely. But you might not know that there are now apps that you can use to help you with your job. Technology ever evolves and  keeping up with it all can be a real mission. So in this post about CNA Nurse Responsibilities we have included a nice article to show you just how important the latest technology can be for you. Notice what Michelle Te has to say:

CNA Nurse Responsibilities – APP Comes To The Rescue

nurse with clipboard and pen A labor and delivery nurse who’s accustomed to using the most modern technology to save newborns in jeopardy relied on just her own skills to try and save a man’s life last week.

Heather Roms, 39, of West Linn, was just leaving her daughter’s dentist appointment about 9 a.m. March 27 on Southwest Town Center Loop in Wilsonville when she received an alert on her smartphone that someone nearby was having a cardiac emergency.

It was the first time she had seen the alert on her phone, and she guessed she must be pretty close to where it was taking place.

At first, the PulsePoint application showed only the address of the location where the emergency was happening. Those who subscribe to the app receive notification of the emergency at the same time as first responders.

In this instance, first responders were paramedics from Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue and AMR ambulance.

At first, Roms wondered whether she should respond, not knowing how instantaneously she received the alert.

“Honestly, I didn’t know where it was,” she said. “But the next thing it showed me was an aerial view of the exact location and I immediately recognized by the roofline that it was Shari’s Restaurant.”

With her three children in the car, Roms drove around Town Center Loop West and entered the Shari’s parking lot. She said she saw a few people huddled around a car and she ascertained that this must be the cardiac victim.

The man was slumped in the passenger seat and Roms discovered he had no vital signs.

“I took a quick assessment, checked his pulse and breathing, did a sternal rub,” she said. “He was a very large man, and I was not able to lift him out of the car. I yelled for help to get him out.”

As soon as Roms and others who came to help were able to get the man out of the vehicle and onto the ground in the parking lot, Roms quickly began administering hands-only CPR.

“My best estimation is that I was doing CPR for about two and a half minutes, because I was just shy of three cycles (of CPR) by myself until they arrived,” she said. “They were able to take over chest compressions.”

However, once the ambulance arrived, paramedics asked the man’s wife pointedly whether he had a living will or end-of-life request, Roms said. The man’s wife indicated that he did not want to be hooked up to machines.

“That tempered our heroic efforts,” Roms said. “I imagine that he had already been without a pulse for quite some time, even before I arrived.”

Nevertheless, Roms had assisted paramedics and fire crews with trying to save the man’s life until it was determined he had a “do not resuscitate” (DNR) order. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Using her CPR skills on the man in Wilsonville was quite different than the efforts Roms typically uses at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center, where she is a registered nurse in the labor and delivery department.

“To maternal patients, I use CPR very infrequently,” she said. “To newborns, I use it slightly more. But you just use your thumbs and we have a variety of tools we use. This was a really different experience.”

However, Roms said she felt very calm in the situation, and that she knew exactly what to do.

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Please also note what fitness magazine has to say regarding Susan who is a nurse on the run, nursing can be hectic so apps help.

If you are planning on doing a nursing degree then keeping up with the latest technology can be helpful as this situation above shows. And when you have the responsibility of helping someone this makes your job even more rewarding when you can do it successfully. If you liked this article about CNA nurse responsibilities then please click the like button below and share it with your friends.

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