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CNA Nurse Burnout

If you are considering becoming a CNA nurse or are already a CNA nurse you might consider this article about CNA nurse burnout. Demanding jobs require a lot of emotional stamina and nursing is one of them since you are dealing with the care of people. This is especially evident in combat trauma.

CNA Nurse Burnout

CNA Nurse Burnout

CNA Nurse Burnout

As an Air Force nurse, Stephen Hernandez witnessed the psychological trauma that combat can inflict upon soldiers and was aware of negative stereotypes that often prevent veterans from seeking mental health services.

Focusing on an area more specific to his career as a critical care nurse, Hernandez recently completed his doctoral dissertation conducting research that studied the perceptions of stigma related to active duty nurses regarding seeking mental health services.

Hernandez’s findings indicate that nurses have a similar level of stigma associated with seeking mental health services, feelings similar to soldiers who recently returned from Iraq or Afghanistan.

“It is surprising because nurses receive education and continuing education that support the benefits of mental health services,” Hernandez said. “This suggests that stigma extends to people who support combatants.”

Hernandez is an assistant professor in Northwestern State University’s College of Nursing and Allied Health and a major in the U.S. Air Force Reserve.

In surveys, Hernandez’s gauged resistance to seeking mental health treatment on two fronts.

On a stigma scale, individuals indicated whether or not they were felt they were treated differently or had a feeling of being different for seeking medical treatment.

A barrier scale revealed practical reasons that an individual would not seeking help, such as a lack of transportation or lack of knowledge of where to find services.

“In the military, the stigma has to do with the possibility that seeking treatment could affect one’s career,” Hernandez said. “The culture of the military is that youdepend on those with whom you serve so you don’t want to let them down. Despite the military’s efforts to increase access to mental health services, the stigma persists.”

Hernandez’s research suggests that the stigma extends to non-combatant caregivers.

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So if you are considering CNA nursing then also be prepared for a possible CNA Nurse burnout. It can be part of the job unless you allow yourself time off regularly to recuperate. Let us know what you think of this post by making a comment below.

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