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CNA License Number

If you are doing any care giving or nursing work then you need to have a CNA License Number. CNA stands for Certified Nurse Assistant and a license means you are qualified and registered to be able to perform the jobs required of such a care giver.  Note what cbslocal had to say about one woman who did not have a license.

CNA License Number

CNA License Number

CNA License Number

New revelations have surfaced about a woman accused of elder abuse after her patient died in her care.

Naquita Trotter is the mother of Moses Trotter, the suspect accused of breaking into an elderly woman’s Fair Oaks house and beating her to death. Deputies arrested him outside the home naked and covered in blood.

Naquita Trotter was arrested last month when she showed up to her son’s court hearing.

Investigators say she had been on the run since 2009, after pleading no contest to elder abuse and impersonating a nursing assistant.

CBS13 has learned those charges stem from the death of elderly patient Mattie Crawford. She died in January 2008 from neglect with bed sores that exposed muscle, bone and tendons.

The court document says Trotter posed as a certified caregiver, deceiving Crawford’s sons.

It says “Trotter assured them she qualified as a licensed vocational nurse and certified nurses assistant to provide such home care when in fact she was not.”

The document also states Trotter hired other unqualified workers and told them to use household bleach to treat Crawford’s wounds.

It says “the unlicensed workers were instructed by defendant Trotter to cleanse Crawford’s decubitus ulcers (or bed sores) with a Clorox bleach solution.”

Investigators say the bleach was used up until the day Crawford died.

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If you are thinking of doing any Certified Nurse Assistant type of work, please ensure you have a valid CNA License Number. This will ensure you are practicing legally.

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