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CNA in Massachusetts

CNA in MassachusettsBeing the front liner of the health care industry requires genuine care and love for people. If you want to become a Certified Nursing Assistant or a CNA in Massachusetts, you need to undergo training from an accredited institution and get a certification from the Massachusetts Board of Nursing.

CNA Training Class will give you all the things you need to know to become a CNA in Massachusetts.

Requirements for Training to become a CNA in Massachusetts

Before you can be accepted in a CNA class in Massachusetts, you need to meet the following requirement:

  • You should be at least 17 years old.
  • Should be a high school graduate or holding an equivalent degree.
  • Should have a valid State of Massachusetts photo identification or a driver’s license.
  • Should undergo and pass a criminal background check.
  • Should undergo and pass a drug screening.

Course for CNA in Massachusetts

  • Basic Human Anatomy.
  • Basic Psychology.
  • Patient Grooming and Hygiene.
  • Medication Administering to Patients.
  • Proper Taking of Vital Signs.

The state of Massachusetts sets a minimum of 75 hour training to qualify for the state examination and certification.

Cost of Training for CNA in Massachusetts

The cost of training for CNAs in Massachusetts ranges from $700 to $900. You need to prepare an additional $100 for the state examination and certification cost.


Massachusetts based  Certified Nursing Assistants receive an average annual salary of $27,000.

inding an Institution that Provides CNA Program in Massachusetts

Because of the growing demand for Certified Nursing Assistants, lots of institution are including CNA training in their program. You can find them easily by using the “Find a School Now Banner” that you could find in every upper left corner of this website. You just need yo fill in the necessary information and click the “Next” button to redirect to the list of CNA classes in your area.

You can also inquire to the American Red Cross in Massachusetts as they are well known in providing quality training for CNA aspirants. They also give financial grants to qualified applicants. You just need to inquire about that.

You can also search hospitals that offers CNA Training Program as they frequently gives free training to selected applicants. Might be hard to find one but it would be a great help if you manage to find one.

You can contact the Massachusetts Board of Nursing if you need further information about the program through the contact provided by the NCSBN.

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