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CNA in Arizona

CNA in Arizona

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If you are planning to be a nurse, doctor, or anything bigger in the health care field, to be a certified nursing assistant or a CNA first is a good head start. To be a CNA in Arizona is a good training to be a better workforce in the health care industry. But remember, in anything you do, you should have a genuine love for people and that trait will help you go further in what you are doing.

To be a CNA in Arizona, you should get a formal training and a state certification to get a job as a nurse aide.

Requirements to be a CNA in Arizona

  • The applicant must be eighteen years old
  • Holds a high school diploma or GED
  • Have a valid photo identification from the State of Arizona. A driver’s license is applicable
  • With no criminal record
  • Should pass the Tuberculosis (TB) Test

CNA Course in Arizona

The accredited institution in Arizona to offer CNA training should have the follwing courses:

  • Human Anatomy
  • Patient Mobility Program
  • Rights of Patients
  • Patient Medication Administering
  • Patient Hygiene and Grooming

The training should last for 120 hours to be enable to take the CNA state examination in Arizona.

Cost of Training for CNA in Arizona

The cost of program or training for CNA in the state of Arizona ranges from $750 up to $1100 with an additional $150 dollar for the state examination and certification.

Average Salary – CNA in Arizona

The average salary of CNAs in Arizona is $26000 dollar while the neophytes could earn $20000.

How to Find an Institution that Provides CNA Program in Arizona?

There are lots of training centers and colleges out there that gives training for CNA in Arizona. If you still can’t find one, you have the option to ask the Arizona Nursing Board for a list. Consider also the option of asking the hospitals and health care facilities as it will give you free training if you manage to find one. The American Red Cross is also giving this kind of training with occasional grants for qualified applicants.

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