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CNA in Alaska

CNA in Alaska

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Alaska (Ak) is considered to be the largest state by area in the United States (US) but number four in the least populous states because of its geographical location plus the weather condition. As of 2012, Alaska has 731,449 people, half of which is living within the Metropolitan Area of Anchorage. Looking at its figures, it still has a very big opportunity to be a certified nursing assistant or a CNA in Alaska.

Requirements to be a CNA in Alaska

  • Must be eighteen (18) years old
  • High School Graduate / GED
  • A valid Alaska State Photo ID
  • No criminal records

CNA Course in Alaska

The accredited institution to offer CNA training must have the following curriculum:

  • Proper grooming of the patient
  • Anatomy of the Human Body
  • Medication Management or Administering
  • Health Care Services
  • More than or equal to 140 hours of training to qualify for the state examination for CNA

Cost of Training for CNA in Alaska

The cost of CNA training in Alaska (Ak) ranges from $900 to $1300. An additional of $330 for the state examination to be certified.

Average Salary – CNA in Alaska


How to Find an Institution in Alaska that Provides CNA Program?

Asking the state’s nursing board is a very good idea. The American Red Cross also gives CNA training to help the community. They are also giving financial aid for applicants who qualify within their standards. The hospitals and the caring facilities  are usually offering free training. It might be an effort to find one but it is a good option to get free training so you can do more on your training. Community colleges are also offering CNA training.

To make it easier, you can search for the institution that offers training for CNA in Alaska by typing your zip code and filling in other information at the upper left corner of this page. The find a school now banner. It will save you a lot of time.

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