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CNA in Alabama

CNA in AlabamaTo become a CNA in Alabama, one must need to undergo a state accredited training and pass the state examination to be a certified nursing assistants. Aside from that, you must need to meet the necessary requirements to be enrolled in a nursing assistant program.

Requirements for Training to become a CNA in Alabama

  • The applicant must sixteen (16) years old.
  • Holds a high school diploma/GED or any equivalent certification
  • Must pass a pre-screening evaluation before allowing to enroll in a specific CNA Program
  • Passed the drug screening
  • No criminal record

Course for CNA in Alabama

The training or program for CNA in Alabama may vary depends on the institution that you are enrolled. The program should have an average of 12 weeks training or greater. The training should include the following programs:

  • Human Anatomy
  • Basic Skills for Nursing
  • Psychology
  • Infection Control and Prevention
  • Stress Management
  • Basic Nutrition

Cost of Training for CNA in Alabama

The training institution in Alabama usually charges the students a range between $800 to $1200 with an additional $100 for the state certification.

State Certification for CNA in Alabama

To be a certified nursing assistant in Alabama, you should successfully pass the training and take the state examination not later than two years after you have completed the training.


The salary of a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in Alabama depends on experience. A state certified nursing assistant usually gets a higher pay. The average salary for CNA’s in Alabama is $21,000.

How to Find an Institution that Provides CNA Program?

Most community colleges in Alabama offers CNA training program. If you can’t find one, asking the state’s nursing board is a very good idea. Also, the American Red Cross usually give this kind of training. They also offer scholarship grants for qualified applicants. Hospitals and other caring facility usually offers free training. It might be hard to find but it is a good option to get rid of paying for your training and focus more on the program.

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