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CNA Grants Scholarships

If you are looking to doing a CNA course then you may like to know that grants are available from some institutions. CNA Grants Scholarships can help pay the costs of fees and tuition over the course of training. Notice what Taylor Dobbs has to say on this:

CNA Grants Scholarships

CNA Grants Scholarships

CNA Grants Scholarships

Governor Peter Shumlin announced a grant today that will pay for the training of 150 Personal Care Attendants, a field he says is rapidly expanding.

The $93,500 grant from the Vermont Department of Labor’s Workforce Education and Training Fund will pay for a three-week training program for Personal Care Attendants, who assist elderly and disabled citizens with both medical and non-medical needs.

Shumlin said the initiative would help Vermont in two ways: keeping the elderly at home instead of at high-cost nursing homes as well as training unemployed and underemployed Vermonters.

“This is important for our health care delivery system to help us to not only train new job-seekers, but also to ensure that Vermont remains the best place in the country to grow older and keep you at home as long as we possibly can,” Shumlin said.

The governor said the demand for Personal Care Attendants was rising in Vermont, citing a federal Bureau of Labor Statistics projection of a 70 percent increase by 2020. The attendants are responsible for traveling to patients’ homes, checking on them and helping with both medical care and independent living assistance.

Susan Anderson-Brown, director of human resources at the Visiting Nurse Association of Chittenden and Grand Isle Counties, which is working with Community College of Vermont on this grant, said the process not only teaches trainees the book-smarts they need, but also acclimates them to the type of work they’ll be doing.

“There’s the hard skills, more the reading for information, the locating information, the basic math that are needed to use at the work place, but then more importantly I think with this group is the soft skills, the ability to work with people who might be in some sort of distress or the family that may be having some frustrations with health care,” she said. “The students come in, we work a lot on the ability to show up at a job, making sure you have the right personality for the health care field, and we help people screen themselves in and out to continue on with this profession.”

Shumlin emphasized that the new jobs were open to people who didn’t necessarily have college educations. All that is required to enter the program is a high-school reading level.

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If you are interested in applying for CNA Grants Scholarships, then contact your nearest University and ask what grants are available for your courses. A grant can mean the difference between being in debt or finishing a course debt free. Let us know your thought by leaving a comment below.


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