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CNA Financial Careers

If you are looking for cna financial careers then you need to take a look at this article below. If you are looking at doing a nursing course then you may qualify for a loan. Just one University alone has secured $1.2milion for nursing grants and the programe may forgive upto 85% of the loan under certain conditions.

CNA Financial Careers

CNA Financial Careers

CNA Financial Careers

Loyola University’s nursing school has secured nearly $1.2 million from the U.S. Public Health Serviceto lend graduate students who plan to teach and are getting a doctorate in nursing practice.

The Nurse Faculty Loan Program forgives up to 85 percent of the loan for graduates who spend four years as a full-time faculty member in a U.S. nursing school.

“This is the largest student support award in the history of the School of Nursing,” said nursing school director Ann Cary. Including the university’s contribution, $1.3 million is available for the loans.

Tuition runs about $34,000 a year, said administrative coordinator Lisa Williams.

She said the first 15 students to earn doctorates in nursing practice recently graduated and have nine months to find a full-time faculty job. If they can’t get one, they must repay the full loan at the prevailing interest rate. If they do, they pay 15 percent with interest of 3 percent.

Loyola says its School of Nursing offers Louisiana’s only accredited program for a doctorate in nursing practice. It’s a three-year program for students with a bachelor’s degree, or two years for students who have their master’s.

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If you are considering nursing course maybe as a CNA then getting a grant maybe the way to go. CNA Financial Careers are rewarding and becoming more popular. Let us know your thoughts. Please leave us a comment below.

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