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CNA Examination – Myths That You Should Not Believe

The next thing you need to do after completing the nursing assistant skills training whether in a formal school or online is to take the examination in a state where you want to practice. This is to evaluate an individual’s knowledge, skills and abilities to work as a nurse assistant. Every state has different regulations regarding nursing practice. Before that, make sure that you are confident with your knowledge, make a review and take it by heart in order for you not to waste time and money. Some choose to have experienced first before taking the examination to make sure of passing but that is not a requirement. There are plenty of institution that offers affordable nursing assistant certification program with a price range of $500 – $1200.

Here are some myths about the examination to be a certified nurse assistant.

Nurse Talking to a Patient1. One needs to have at the very least, six (6) months experience working as a practice nurse before he or she can be qualified to take the examinations.

This is, of course untrue, as the CNA exam only tests the nurse’s knowledge on basic skills necessary to begin practicing as such. This myth was born because those who are already practicing as a nurse are more confident with their skills, knowledge and experience and as such, they choose to take the examinations after having gained such experience. This is to ensure passing.

2. The examination does not deal with the whole area of the nursing profession and deals only with a limited few.

This is again not true as the examination tests the knowledge of a nurse in varied and broad areas to ensure that those who are taking it have in-depth knowledge on the practice of nursing.

3. Questions in the examinations are presented in grouped topics.

This is inaccurate. The questions are presented randomly. One question may deal about diabetes and the next question may jump to the topic on how to deal with children’s sicknesses like fever.

4. It is expensive to take the exam because of the high fee.

This is totally inaccurate. There are a large number of institutions that offer affordable certification programs. The rate may range from $500 to around $1200.

5. A certified nursing assistant who is nationally certified may also be allowed to practice as a licensed nurse practitioner.

Most states require that a national certification be obtained first before taking a licensure examination. Thus, if an individual is certified nationally, such certification is only a requirement in order for such individual to obtain a license and not to practice.

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Don’t forget to watch their video about patient information confidentiality. It is very informative and better for you to master it to get you out of trouble.

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