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CNA Certification Texas

If you are looking at doing any course in CNA then you really need to ensure the school is qualified and registered. This post on CNA Certification Texas will look show you an established institute in Texas that has just got approval for nursing degrees.

CNA Certification Texas

CNA Certification Texas

CNA Certification Texas

The University of Texas at Brownsville announced that starting in fall 2013, it will offer a four-year bachelor’s in nursing in addition to the “completion degree” it has offered in the past.

The Texas Board of Nursing approved the new degree at a meeting Thursday in Austin, UTB said.

Previously, students who received a Bachelor of Science in nursing from UTB had entered as registered nurses and were seeking to add a bachelor’s degree to their credentials, said Edna Garza-Escobedo, Ph.D., associate dean of the College of Nursing.

In the new program, students may enter UTB as freshmen and in four years leave with both a registered-nurse credential and a bachelor’s, she said.

“They won’t have to be RNs to enter,” she said. The first two years of the curriculum will be general education courses, much like other UTB students, she said.

Texas Southmost College has already announced that it will continue all its current programs, which include an associate degree leading to certification as a registered nurse.

At UTB, the first cohort of students in the new four-year program will enter in fall 2013, but some of those already may have completed two years of general courses, Garza-Escobedo said. Thus the first graduating class will be in the spring of 2015.

In the academic year 2011-2012, UTB graduated 36 students with a Bachelor of Science in nursing, all in them in the bachelor’s completion program, Garza-Escobedo said.

The plan for the four-year nursing program is for 50 students in each annual cohort, she said.

She noted that UTB’s bachelor’s program in nursing had been growing in recent years.

“We have had increasing numbers already,” she said, adding that the four-year nursing program and the completion curriculum will operate side by side at UTB.

“We’re going to continue both programs,” she said.

She noted that nationally, the nursing profession has a goal of increasing the number of nurses with a bachelor’s or higher degree.

She gave the example of hospitals working to achieve status as a magnet facility.

“They need to have a higher number of nurses with the higher degree, or a BSN,” she said.

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If you need assistance in knowing if you qualify for this degree then contact the Institute and ask. You may also be eligible for a grant or scholarship so inquiring about this wont hurt either. If you liked this post about CNA Certification Texas then leave us a comment below.

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