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CNA Certification Online

If you are considering doing CNA certification online, or are currently enrolled in a CNA course you need to read this. New Regulations for CNA programs are currently being proposed and implemented. This can affect you as Rafael Sanchez explains:

CNA Certification Online

CNA Certification Online

CNA Certification Online

Most every person in a nursing home or long-term facility depends on a certified nurse assistant to help with basic care.Every one of those CNAs must go to school and be certified by the state, but what Call 6 Investigator Rafael Sanchez uncovered is forcing changes in the way Indiana regulates nursing aide programs.

Since Call 6 Investigators started asking questions, the state has shut down one training program and is working to beef up the way in regulates all other certified nursing aide programs.

Amanda Schmidt’s son was killed in a lightning strike in 2009 while fishing with his dad.

“His father says that he was saying that he was on fire,” Schmidt said.

The boy’s death was so painful that she delayed her goal of becoming a nurse’s aide for a couple of years.

“I was severely depressed. I didn’t want to get up in the morning. I have two other children I have to live for,” Schmidt said.

Schmidt enrolled at Short Term Technical Training Institute. The Indianapolis school offered a three-week program to become a certified nursing assistant.

CNAs are limited to basic patient services in health care facilities and can’t dispense medicines.

Schmidt paid STTTI $700 in cash, which included a $75 fee to take a state-required certification test.

As part of the process, the school was to submit the names and fees for eligible students to the state’s testing vendor.

Schmidt has a job, but she’s concerned she might lose it because she has to pass the certification exam within 120 days of when she started.

“I paid. I finished my class. I received my certificate,” Schmidt said. “They never turned in my information to the state.”

Schmidt and two other students told the Call 6 Investigators that the school blamed the testing delay on the state. That was news to the Indiana State Department of Health when Call 6 called to ask about it.

Officials who oversee CNA programs said they have had no delays for people wanting to take the exam, and until the Call 6 Investigators brought it to their attention, health officials were also unaware that the operator of STTTI, Darryl Lloyd, had previous issues with a different state agency.

In 2004, Lloyd appeared before the Commission on Proprietary Education to answer questions about the financial viability of his Professional Career Academy, which offered electrician and welding programs.

Commission staff recommended that the board not certify the school, but in the end, the commission allowed PCA to remain open until 2009, when the school’s accreditation was suspended for not paying required state fees. It then expired and hasn’t been renewed.

Three months ago, the commission became concerned when STTTI’s website listed PCA and said it was regulated by the commission.

“As a result of your investigation, we’re actually taking a look at their website, and we are investigating some legal remedies about the situation,” said Mary Jane Michalak, who represents COPE.

COPE had oversight of PCA’s non-health-related programs.

As for the nursing aide training, the commission has no jurisdiction, since that’s under the state Health Department.

The Call 6 investigation also uncovered that the various agencies that oversee trade schools do not share information about enforcement actions.

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So if you are considering CNA Certification Online consider the above post. It pays to know whats involved and what changes are being made to CNA courses and how this will impact on you. Please leave us a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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