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To be confident in taking the state nursing assistant certification, to review and practice is an essential part of it. Prometric, a test center, offers a practice test for their candidates which they called Test Drive. It includes sample questions that may appear in the proper examination. It will not affect even a single percentage of your score on the actual test, just pure practice. Based on survey, practice test also increases the chance of passing the examination because examinees will become familiar with the procedures and layout of the test.

To better understand this, read the insert below from Prometric’s web site about their Test Drive Program.


For some candidates, the testing process can be stressful and intimidating. Some candidates feel that if they had a chance to participate in a “practice round” they would have been more prepared for the testing experience and therefore would have performed better on their test. Prometric is the first and only test administrator to offer a product like this; Test Drive was created 100 percent with candidate comfort and success in mind.

Prometric’s Test Drive provides candidates with a real world, end-to-end practice run before the date of their scheduled test. In only 30 minutes, candidates will experience a complete run through of the testing experience they will encounter on their actual testing day. Since Test Drive is not designed for the IT and MCAT® exam testing experiences, candidates for IT examinations and the MCAT® exam are not able to participate in this program. During the run through, the candidate will participate in:

  • The scheduling and registration process
  • The complete check-in process
  • Introduction to test center staff and surroundings
  • A live 15-minute sample test demonstrating the testing process
  • Full preparation for the real test


Will the candidate see questions from the exam they plan to sit for in the future?

No, the candidate will not see questions from the exam they plan to sit for in the future.

The questions that the candidate will encounter during the Test Drive session are samples of question types that they might encounter on the real examination. These questions are not designed to be representative of the specific types of questions that may be a part of the real examination. The candidate should review the specific instructions and expectations provided by the client organization to ensure that they are prepared for the day of the real examination.

The Test Drive session that the candidate will complete will not in any way be scored nor will the responses to the Test Drive sample questions affect the real examination. Test Drive is a sample test designed to provide you experiential preparation only.

Read the full information here.

By just visiting their site, you will see the complete information on nursing assistant certification. In Florida, for example, they have a complete guide for examinees like the Certified Nursing Assistant Application Form, Clinical Skills Checklist, General Instructions for Taking the Clinical Skills Test and Actor Questionnaire. They also have the list of their regional offices and you can choose the Prometric’s site nearest you.

Here is the link for the Prometric’s Florida Certified Nursing Assistant Application.

We suggest you visit their site for the complete information about the certified nursing assistant examination.

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