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Certified Nursing Assistant Skills Training – No. 1 – Washing Hands

We all know that before we proceed on any health care service to our client, the thing that we have to do after we introduce our self is to wash our hands. It is very basic but it is very important. Expert says that hand washing is the most important thing to do to prevent flu. This is very crucial since we are dealing with clients that needs to better their health condition. It will also decrease the chances of infection. The fingernails and the part that surrounds it contains the most microorganism in our hands. It is best to wash that part thoroughly. It is also recommended that we should spend at least 15 seconds in washing hands. It is suggested also that cold water should be used in washing hands though not as comfortable as hot water. It is because cold water produces less damage to the skin with detergent rather than hot water.

We have a proper way of washing hands. Featured in this video is an ideal way of washing hands before performing service to the client.

We suggest that we all follow the suggested way on washing hands featured in the video. There should be no reason at all not to do this even if we are busy because it is the basic need of our job as a certified nurse assistant or nurse aide.

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