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Certified Nursing Assistant Program In Gardendale

If you live in Gardendale and are thinking about a nursing career then you are in luck. A certified nursing assistant program is beginning and will soon be taking in new students. This is good news as CNA training is becoming more popular as those who complete such training are finding empoymnet easier to obtain. Let North Jefferson News explain:

Certified Nursing Assistant Program

Certified Nursing Assistant Program

Certified Nursing Assistant Program

Gardendale High School’s health sciences class has another accolade to add to its outstanding program.

Students can now work on becoming certified nursing assistants (CNA) while in high school.  The health sciences program, which is part of the school’s career technical program, has five students that became certified  nursing assistants this summer.

Cathy Thomas, a registered nurse, worked with the five students this summer and helped Gardendale High become a site that can certify nursing assistants.

“These students have worked very hard to reach their goal; however, this is just a one of the goals they have set for themselves. They will continue in their education, go to college and become a registered nurse and specialize in the area of their choice,” Thomas said. “I’m very proud of these girls.”

Students have four requirements to meet before becoming a certified nursing assistant. First, they must have 37 hours of classroom training on theory. Second, candidates must have 29 hours of lab time, which they complete at GHS.

Third, they must have 24 hours of field training or clinical training.  GHS students completed these hours at a community nursing home.

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If you are thinking about doing a Certified Nursing Assistant Program then enrolling in one of these classes is the ideal way to go. They are relatively inexpensive and provide good CNA grounding and training.

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