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Certified Nursing Assistant Experience – Pre-requisite for Entering Nursing School

Some of the nursing schools today require fresh students to get a certified nurse assistant skills training first and get experience before entering the formal school of nursing. Others might think it is a burden, but we see a direction these schools were heading. To be a registered nurse and instruct your subordinates looks like an odd situation because some of them didn’t know or experienced what their subordinates are doing.

In a fast paced world, some high school offers certified nursing assistant skills training starting the ninth grade and have them certified even before graduation. The Union County High School for example, offers CNA classes to students especially freshmen who wants to pursue a career in health care. They also pay for all the student’s test fees if they perfectly attended all the hours for clinical assignment, otherwise, they will pay in half. It is a good deal.

Certified Nurse Assistant

Certified Nurse Assistant |

Union County High School students are getting a head start on their career before they even graduate from high school.

A health occupation certification class allows a student to get his or her certified nursing assistant license — CNA — before graduation.

In their freshman year, students decide if they want to pursue the health track and start taking classes toward a CNA license.

The 2007-2008 school year was the first year the health occupation program was implemented in the school, said Mike Ripplinger, principal at Union County High.

To complete the program and take the test students must earn 40 clinical hours, 30 of which need to be in a long-term care facility, said Lori Howard, health occupation teacher at Union County High.

Howard’s students do clinical hours at Winsor Manor in Starke and Lake Butler Hospital.

The program is “a good springboard to get into the nursing program,” Ripplinger said.

Eventually, 18-year-old Jessica Loznicka wants to be a registered nurse and work in the trauma unit at a hospital.

“I’ve always wanted to be a registered nurse, and I thought it (the class) would give me good experience and a good background working toward that,” Loznicka said.

Classes usually consist of a classroom lesson and practicing in the lab.

If students attend all of their scheduled clinical hours and don’t need makeup days the high school will pay all of their test fees. If the students do not attend all the clinical days, the school will pay for half of the testing fee and background screening fees, Howard said.

“The CNA test includes 60 written questions followed by a clinical skills test that includes three randomly assigned skills,” she said.

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If the high school nearest you offers the same thing as the Union County High School and you want a career in the health care field, we strongly suggest that you enroll in that school and attend their certified nursing assistant skills training program. For those who already finished high school, there are Regional Occupation Program or other programs offered by the state to train individuals to be a certified nurse assistant. There are training schools also who offer CNA programs. Red Cross is well known in producing top of the class certified nurse assistant.

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