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Certified Nurse Assistant – What You Need to Know

The need for certified nurse assistants to cater for approximately 1.4 million Americans in nursing homes seems to be a serious matter because of the large number of abuses and unwanted incidents to older patients. Remember, we should make their life more comfortable, not punish them. We believe that every nurse assistant should know the 1987 Nursing Home Reform Act. If you really want to be a certified nurse assistant, you should take the time to read the laws that connect to your career as a CNA. Everything you do in your job should be in accordance with the law. We hope to eliminate this bad statistic involving nursing home abuse by calling and producing well trained certified nurse assistants and replacing those who take their job for granted.

Young Nurse Helping the Old Patient

Nurse Aide

In a study, 2,000 nursing home residents were interviewed to determine how often does elder abuse takes place in nursing home facilities. The results were startling: 44 percent of the home residents reported that they had been abused and 95 percent said they witnessed or experienced neglect. The statistics provide evidence to ombudsmen (officials who offer service free of charge to seniors that request legal advocacy), who have received complaints about institutional facilities who either abused, neglected, or exploited the residents, reports the Administration on Aging (AOA).


Here  are some illegal practices from nursing homes and the right thing that we should do.

1. Fight Medicaid discrimination.

Nursing homes will often falsely tell residents that the services they require are not covered by Medicaid. Medicare rules prohibit nursing homes from requiring the resident to pay in advance for care. A Medicaid-eligible resident is entitled to receive all services he or she requires under the federal law that states a nursing facility should maintain identical policies and practices regarding the services they offer “regardless of source of payment.” 95 percent of nursing homes are governed by the Nursing Home Reform Law with the majority certified to accept payment from either Medicare or Medicaid programs or sometimes both.

Nursing homes that have Medicaid certification are obligated by the law to provide those eligible for Medicaid the services that were guaranteed by the facility.

2. Care planning.

When it comes to the future of mom and dad, they have control over what care plan best suits them. A full assessment of the resident’s condition must be administered within 14 days of enrollment. Seven days later, a care plan must be created, says Nursing Home Families. Make sure immediate family members, the resident’s doctor, registered nurses, and all other appropriate nursing staff are in accordance with the preparation of care planning. Nursing homes must do a full assessment every 12 months or whenever a resident’s condition changes.

3. Physical restraints.

Using physical restraints on residents is only permitted in extreme cases to treat a resident’s medical conditions or symptoms according to federal law. One study revealed the physical consequences that residents faced after the use of physical restraints in nursing homes. Urinary incontinence and constipation, increased dependence on activities of daily living, and impaired muscle strength and balance have been associated with the use of vests or belts that tie residents to wheelchairs or beds. “It’s illegal for staff to use restraints for convenience, such as to prevent wandering or address behavioral challenges,” says Consumer Reports.

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