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Certified Nurse Assistant – Therapeutic Communication Skills Training Video

Therapeutic communication is a helping relationship between two people. In case of a certified nurse assistant, it is between you and the patient as well as your colleagues since it is a demanding job. Therapeutic communication consciously helps a person to make him/her understand a situation to make them feel better. It uses specific ways to make your patient open up that leads to acceptance.

To master this art takes a lot of time and needs a lot of sincerity. But this, I believe, is emotionally rewarding. We all have our own differences, but to make them understand and see their face lightened because you open up a new world for them makes you feel better too.

In this video, we will be discussing the art and science of therapeutic communication.

To unleash the beauty of therapeutic communication takes maturity. Being mature means you have a good outlook in life, a wider view of things and maintain a level of respect to different kinds of person.

You can leave a comment below or request for a training video to be a certified skills training video. You can read my previous posts about update on the certified nursing assistant skills training and examination.

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