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Certified Nurse Assistant Skills Training – Perineal Care for Female

Perineal or peri care is very important especially for women to prevent infections in the genital and rectal areas. Providing perineal care is done differently according to sex. Every state has a mandate on how to provide perineal care to ensure the patients health and dignity.

Like all the other procedures we have in providing different health care services, we should wash our hands, properly introduce ourself to the patient while entering the room, explain what you are going to do, give them privacy and prepare all the necessary things you need for the procedure, and put on the gloves.

Below is an instructional video on how to provide perineal care for older female patient. Please take a closer look at the instruction because this is very important to pass the examination to be a certified nurse assistant.

Perineal care for male patient is not as sensitive as for female patient but we still have to do it carefully and based on the state’s mandate on peri care. Click here for the comprehensive instruction on pdf downloadable version of perineal care for male and here for the female.

Feel free to comment or request a certified nurse assistant skills training videos and instructions that you want us to feature.  Read my previous posts for more of the cna skills training and certification guide.

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