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Certified Nurse Assistant Schools

If you wish to become a nursing assistant then you are going to need certification. You will need to attend a school that offers cna training as a course or paper. There are a few Certified Nurse Assistant Schools around but it still pays to check out the qualifications of the school before applying:

Certified Nurse Assistant Schools

Certified Nurse Assistant Schools

Certified Nurse Assistant Schools

Certification is a must for any nursing assistant who wants to find a secure position with reasonable pay. It is even mandatory for work in nursing care facilities. However, before taking certification tests, anyone who wants to become a certified nursing assistant must take an approved training course.

The Basics

Most training courses educate students about basic medical skills, terminology, and concepts. For example, students will generally study human anatomy and physiology, learning the proper names and parts of various body parts, as well as nutrition, infection control, and communication skills. In some programs, or when additional instruction is needed, training will teach students techniques for proper body and personal care, from bathing and caring for patients’ skin to brushing their teeth and helping them dress. A major emphasis is placed on respecting patients’ privacy, establishing positive and professional working relationships, maintaining cleanliness by washing hands and disinfecting surfaces, and consistently using basic safety procedures for handling wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds, and even patients themselves.

On the Job, Online, or in the Classroom

Training can be done at the workplace or in a formal school; traditionally, most employers are willing to hire candidates and let them work as apprentices to experienced CNAs or nurses. This kind of training can take place at a hospital, although many nursing homes offer on-the-job learning as well. Generally, the training is offered in exchange for several months of work, once the student becomes certified. This approach costs potential nursing assistants nothing, and can easily lead to a full-time job.

However, more and more hirers today prefer the peace of mind that comes with knowing a new employee has been thoroughly trained beforehand, and comes onto the job ready to work. Many CNAs also report feeling more confident and prepared for work after training in a lower-stakes classroom setting. To train before the job, investigate lab-based classes and programs at local high schools or community colleges.

Or, try taking classes online. As more and more people today seek to work full-time pursuing their educations, more and more online courses of study are becoming available, including those for nursing assistants. Studying online while working as a nurse’s aide suits the traditional CNA-training model well, as online classes can not only support and strengthen any workplace guidance aspiring assistants receive, but also add to their educational qualifications for other jobs. Several online schools offer certificate and Associate’s-degree programs in Human Services and Patient Care Technology, allowing students to practice their knowledge and skills on the job for lab experience and credit.

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