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Certified Nurse Assistant Programs – Red Cross Nurse Assistant Training (NAT) MA

Red CrossRed cross offers certified nurse assistant skills training in most states in America. We believe that Red Cross is the best training school if you plan to be  a certified nurse assistant.

Red Cross is the best caring organization in America and across the globe that provides different types of disaster services. Aside from that, they also offer, health, first aid, emergency assistance, and nurse assistant skills training.

The reason why Red Cross is the best option to take a cna skills training is because they provide meticulous and eminence cna courses. It is an all-around training from classroom to hands-on or actual. They make certain that they would give suitable and absolute instruction to their students. Also, the person to train you are experienced professionals in the healthcare field plus the advantage of having a complete nursing facility.

Since 1989, Red Cross has provided nurse aide training program in Eastern Massachusetts. It is intended to train a person for providing quality health care. After a four week intensive training, you are qualified to take the examination in Massachusetts for your nurse assistant certification which is essential for your employment and career in the health care field.


Courses begin monthly at all locations. If you would like a schedule of classes for our: Cambridge, Waltham, Brockton, Plymouth, Braintree Peabody, Haverhill and Fall River locations Please call 617-274-5385 leave your name and address and a course calendar will be mailed to you.

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What is the difference between a Home Health Aide and a Certified Nurse Assistant?

A Home Health Aide completes a 75 hour training program and receives a certificate. You can then work assisting clients in their homes with basic, day to day activities. A Certified Nurse Assistant must complete a 75 hour training program, pass a state certification exam to be placed on the Massachusetts Nurse Aide Registry. Nurse Assistants can then work in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and in some cases, hospitals as part of a health care team.

Do I need a high school diploma or GED to take this program?

You do not need a high school diploma or GED to take this program. You will need to take our assessment test and pass in order to enroll in the program.

What immunizations will I need for this program?

You will need to provide us with a negative TB test result on the first day of class. If you enrolled late for the program, you may begin the program, the instructor will give you one week to bring in the results. If you are enrolled for the Cambridge Day class you will be given the required list of immunizations upon registration.

Do I need a social security number to take this program?

You do not need a social security number to take this program however, in order to take the Nurse Aide State License exam and have your name placed on the Nurse Aide Registry you will need a social security number.

What skills will I learn in this program?

Students will be taught the proper way to move patients and the basics of personal care, feeding, and bathing. Other skills covered include taking vital signs (temperature, pulse, breathing, and blood pressure, and how to respond to patients emergencies like choking or falling.

Is there a clinical internship during this program?

Yes, the clinical internship occurs the last 4 days of the day program or last 2 weeks of the evening program. Please be aware that the clinical hours for DAY classes only may begin as early as 6:45am depending on location. Your instructor will give you more information on the first day of class. The clinical internship for the evening classes will occur during the regularly scheduled evening hours.

Do you offer just the Nurse Assistant Program?

No, we offer a dual certification program which will give you the advantage of being trained for many health care jobs, and increases your chances of getting a job after graduation.

What certificates will I receive after completing the program?

You will receive the American Red Cross Nurse Assistant and Home Health Aide certificates.

Do I need to wear scrubs to class?

No, dress is casual in the classroom setting, but you will need to wear scrubs to attend the clinical portion of the program.

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Red Cross’ certified nurse assistant certification is nationally recognized, which means, it would be easier for you to get hired after your training and certification.

Red Cross in Eastern Massachusetts offers nurse assistant training for $950. They also give scholarship for qualified applicants occasionally.

If you want to be a certified nurse assistant, we strongly suggest that you attend the American Red Cross Nurse Assistant Training. Find the nearest Red Cross office at your place. They usually schedule training every month.

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