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Certified Nurse Assistant Programs – A Good First Step to be in the Medical Field

To be a certified nurse assistant is physically and emotionally challenging, also, it is a physically and emotionally rewarding  job. Did you know that a lot of nurses and doctors start out their career as a certified nurse assistant. They say being a CNA is a good first step in taking a career in medicine. What’s good about being a certified nurse assistant is you’ll get to learn the basics of being in the medical profession. You will also have the rewarding task of making the life of your patient more comfortable. Once you have that in your vision,  you have a good and deep foundation of being a medical practitioner and you are sure to be on the right track. Some people who started as a certified nurse assistant were inspired to go to college and become a registered nurse. If you are considering being in the medical profession, being a certified nurse assistant is a good first step and you will be inspired with this insert from an article from

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Certified Nurse Assistant Program

Heather Olson of Jamestown is a 2001 Jamestown High School graduate who started working at Ave Maria Village right out of high school. She took the center’s health career classes while in high school.

Working as a CNA inspired her to go to college and become a registered nurse, she said. She graduated from Jamestown College in 2008 with a degree in nursing. Olson is one of the training skills instructors.

“A lot of the people who become CNAs transition into nursing or become doctors,” she said. “This is a good first step for anyone considering a career in medicine. You really get to know the patients.”

Sister Pam Pranke said part of becoming a nurse for her included being a CNA at first. She said learning the basics is so important because you are making your patients’ lives more comfortable.

“You learn how to brush someone else’s teeth without causing physical discomfort,” she said. “You help them get dressed, help them walk, all of which is very important for the patients.”

Pranke said being a CNA and a nurse gave her opportunities to learn and travel. She wanted to learn Spanish growing up. After she became a nun, she learned the language and after becoming a nurse, she got to travel to other countries and practice both skills.

Olson said being a CNA is physically and emotionally challenging.

“You get the good and the bad,” she said.

The need for a certified nurse assistant keeps growing. A study by James Valley Career & Technology Center on what skills their employees would need shows that there was a greater demand for CNA skills training than welding courses.

JVCTC Director John Lynch said the center began offering the training course after the Jamestown/Stutsman Development Corporation conducted a survey in 2009 among employers in the area to find out what skills their employees would need.

“They thought there was a need for a welding course, but they found there was a greater need for CNA skills training,” he said.

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We heard that JVCTC offers good training to be a certified nursing assistant in Jamestown, Virginia. If you are from Jamestown, Virginia or anywhere near that, it is a good training school. We suggest you read the full article and this will inspire and help you find a good job as a certified nurse assistant.

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