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Certified Nurse Assistant Lesson Plans – Placing a Patient on the Bedpan

A bedpan is like a toilet seat with a basin. It is a container that can be made up of metal or plastic to help people who are unable to get out of bed to use the toilet. It can be reusable or disposable.


In preparation of assisting a patient to use a bedpan, always remember to cleanse the hands first. Address your patient when entering the room and put on the gloves before the course of action. Let him know that you will assist and provide him a bedpan. It is a nurse assistant duty to always make the patient know what you are going to do to them. Also, maintain the patients’ privacy by closing the doors and curtain before getting into the process.

In assisting a patient to use a bedpan, you have to consider if a patient can move or their hips or not.

For patients who can elevate their hips, all you have to do is ask to raise the hips and place a water-resistant pad under the buttocks. Then, support the lower back with one hand while placing the bedpan under the buttocks with your other hand. Lift the upper part of the bed to make the patient more comfortable.

For a patient who can’t raise their hips, you should roll the patient onto his side very gently. Put on a water-resistant pad under the patient’s buttocks. Then, place the bedpan alongside the patient’s buttocks, and gently turn him onto his back. Remember to hold and keep the bedpan in position.

Now, after placing the bedpan, leave your patient for a while to give them privacy.

When the patient is done, wash the area with a wet washcloth with soap and water and dry the area. Clean from the frontage for female patient.

After that, properly empty the bedpan, then clean and disinfect.

Here is a video on how to assist a patient to use a bedpan.

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