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Certified Nurse Assistant Examination – Learn from the Experience

Nurse AssistantEvery state has a different regulation regarding nursing practice. The best way to be certified on your first attempt of the examination is to review your training for a specific state, watch training videos learn from the experiences of those who already took the exam whether they passed or not.

A forum from discusses different dilemma on taking the certified nurse assistant examination.

Take a look on what they are saying.

Tammy Brashing from Sarasota, Florida took certified nurse assistant examination from North Port Florida but failed. The reason behind it is the examiner says she is too clean because she uses too many towels in the partial bath. One for each part of the body. Now you know that if you are from Florida, you only have to use six. That discrepancy can cause you your certification, most of all, time and money.

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Although, Kathjohn from Asheville, North Carolina thinks the verdict was odd. It is a kinda different decision failing an examinee for using too many towels or being too clean. Well, I think the reason behind that is they have to follow the regulation specified in a state law.

Kathjohn also said that North Carolina requires two wash clothes for a partial bath. One to use soap on, the other one is for rinsing.

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She also suggests taking the time to visit as it explains skills requirement for different state. I have visited the site and it is very helpful. It is a general guide for getting nurse assistant certification for each state. You can get access from regional sites, certified nursing assistant application form, clinical skills checklist, general instructions for taking the clinical skills test and more. I will discuss with you a comprehensive detail of that information in the coming post. But, you are free to take a look at that for yourself now. Here is the link to the Florida state certification information from Prometric.

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A very interesting comment again from Kathjohn who says that even though you are doing all those nursing assistant skills for years, she is still having a hard time performing it under close examination. One lesson you can learn from that. You just have to relax, be confident, and do it as if no one is watching. And you know how to properly do it, right?

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Now, this is for the ones who is not that familiar with their job description. The certified nurse assistant’s primary role is to make the life of a patient more comfortable.

Chris from Indianapolis, Indiana asked if certified nursing assistants have to clean up human waste. That is a big yes. There is no way you are not going to do it. It is part of our job. Mary from Louisville, Kentucky said that you are going to do it day in and day out. You are there to provide care. If you can’t handle it, then the job is not for you.

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This is an interesting topic, especially if you are a certified nurse assistant and wanted to transfer to another state. Patrice from Atlanta, Georgia wanted transfer to Florida and have some problem over it after passing the exam for more than three weeks. Then, Quelita from Rockingham from North Carolina said that you can transfer from any state without taking any exams or anything. The process that you could find on google by typing “how to transfer out of state nursing assistant certification”.

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We can discuss that topic in the coming post, it is a totally different one, but interesting, since some of you, I know, have plans to transfer from state to state. If you want to read the whole forum, you can visit it here.

We suggest that you visit the link I posted above before taking the nursing assistant examination because it is very helpful. Please take time to read it. You can also download the checklist and the instruction there, it is in a PDF format.

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