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Certified Nurse Assistant – Duties, Roles, and Function

Doctor Discussing with Nurse AssistantIf you want to be a successful certified nurse assistant, the best option we have is to get back to basics. The video presented by The Wisconsin Technical College System discusses the specific role and function of a certified nurse assistant. I have observed that these basic lessons were overseen by many of our current certified nurse assistants. And I’m telling you, that makes a bad impression. The certified nurse assistant’s role is “to make the life of your patient easier or more convenient”, and that phrase is too broad. The following videos thoroughly discuss how to perform that role. What I like about this is it tackles also how to perform your job better, overcome stress, laws about nursing, and how to physically present yourself as a nurse assistant in which every rule or advice has a scientific explanation.

Now, please spare 25 minutes of your time to watch this three part video about the roles and function of a certified nurse assistant.

If you take your job by heart and consciously perform your tasks, your role as a certified nurse assistant will not be a job anymore in the long run but a way of life, which makes your life easier. The basic lessons you learned from those videos will be applicable to your future career in the medical field.

Thank you.

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